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2009-12-04Sogetel/Téléphone Milot takes over Cie de Téléphone de Warwick
2009-10-17Windstream North Carolina removes per-minute charges on calls to band 5 and 9, effective 2009-08-01
2009-10-13Updated calling area information for Fairpoint Vermont
2009-10-12Updated local calling information for Valley Telecommunications (SD) and Dickey Rural Networks (ND/SD)
2009-10-12XML prefix query now returns latitude/longitude
2009-10-05Sint Maarten, currently a part of the Netherlands Antilles (country code 599) has applied to join the North American Numbering Plan. NANPA has assigned NPA 721, with permissive dialling beginning 2010-05-31 at 0200 Atlantic time, and ending 2010-11-30 at 0200 Atlantic time.
2009-08-15Expanded local calling areas in North Carolina for Windstream Concord Telephone (thanks to Mike Nash for the update) and AT&T/Bellsouth areas, effective October 2008
2009-08-01Springport Telephone Company (MI) expanded its local calling area effective 2009-04-01
2009-07-27Lexcom Telephone Company (NC) expanded the local calling area for its exchanges effective 2009-06-08
2009-07-27North State Telephone (NC) expanded the local calling area for its exchanges effective 2008-12-31
2009-07-12New York City (Manhattan) rate centre consolidation effective 2009-08-15: all prefixes in New York City Zone 2, and all 212/646 prefixes in New York City Zone 3, plus 917-507, 917-521, and 917-529 will become part of New York City Zone 1. The remainder of New York City Zone 3 will include only Bronx and Marble Hill prefixes. Marble Hill is legally part of Manhattan, but for telephone purposes it is associated with the Bronx.
2009-07-12Utah rate centre consolidation effective 2009-07-20: Richmond, Hyrum, and Smithfield will be consolidated under Logan.
2009-07-05Cheatham County TN EAS expansion effective 2009-07-18: Ashland City-Kingston Springs, Ashland City-South Fredonia, Kingston Springs-South Fredonia
2009-07-05Rate centre name corrections in Oklahoma: OK portions of Fort Smith AR (Cedars/Moffett OK), Van Buren AR (West Uniontown OK)
2009-07-04Dale and Lytton Springs TX rate centres consolidated effective 2009-06-20
2009-07-01Local calling updates and corrections for independent telephone companies in Iowa. Thanks to the Iowa Utilities Board for providing access to their tariff library.
2009-04-30Utah rate centre consolidation: Hyrum, Richmond, and Smithfield will be consolidated into the Logan rate centre effective 2009-07-20.
2009-04-30New York rate centre consolidation: NYC Zones 1, 2 and the Manhattan part of NYC Zone 3 (excluding Marble Hill) will be consolidated into a new NYC Zone 1 rate centre effective 2009-08-15.
2009-04-30Local calling between Tilden and Pleasanton TX effective 2009-04-24
2009-04-30Local calling between Salisbury and Churchland/Reeds NC effective 2009-06-23
2009-04-11Local calling area for Kalona IA expanded to include all exchanges of South Slope Cooperative Telephone Company, effective March 2009
2009-03-27Local calling between Matheson and Ramore ON implemented effective 2009-03-15
2009-03-10Added local calling area information for Baca Valley Telephone Co. (NM) and Harrisonville Telephone Co. (IL)
2009-02-23Nunn Telephone Company joins northern Colorado expanded local calling area effective 2008-12-01
2009-02-15Updated calling area information for Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative and Industry Telephone Company (Texas)
2009-02-13Updated calling areas for Reservation Telephone Cooperative (North Dakota)
2009-02-12FairPoint removes Economy Service option for former Verizon customers in Maine, effective 2009-02-01. Before FairPoint took over, Verizon charged Economy Service subscribers a usage rate to call exchanges that were outside the economy local service area but within the premium local service area. Now only Premium service is available.
2009-01-24Wasatch UT portion of the Evanston WY exchange transferred from Qwest to All West and incorporated into Coalville UT exchange, effective 2009-01-20. As a result of this transfer, calls between Wasatch UT and Evanston WY are no longer free.

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